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Foresight is a science and art issue, while is a systematic attempt to make a long term future in the field of knowledge, economy, environment and society to realize opportunities and challenges and new technology. In order to determining sectors in which the investments will be make more ecosocial returns. Foresight is the preparation for the future at the level of individuals, organizations, national, regional and global.
Forecasting is based on probable futures scenarios. In probable scenarios due to mega trends Inertia, business future become predictable. Destiny depends on our today decisions, which are oriented from knowledge of forecasting and intuition of the predictions.
Mavara Group helps companies to have a sharper, smarter, deeper realizing about their business environment. Expert and researchers how are active in the strategic and long term planning of the organizations could figure out futures applying foresight procedures. Mavara group consultants are alongside you to empower management teams by designing foresight & forecast tours.

Standard Contents

Analyzing and reporting most frequently asked contents by business entities, including macro trends, events effects, the competition forces and market structures. The standard information can be released in periodic as seasonal or annual.

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Customized Contents

Perception of managers concerns and reporting analyses which meet critical factors of organizations success in medium-term and long-term time spans. strategic decision-making and keeping pace of competitiveness in fluctuations.

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Suggesting comprehensive solutions for medium and large enterprises to envision futures of the organization and forecasting macro trends and events, discovering opportunities and threats to cope with plausible and preferable futures.

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