Mavara group consultants analyze organizations or companies’ issues and empower managers of strategies, R&D, sale and marketing directories by holding  foresight and forecast tours in order to imaging the future of organization or company.

  • Macro

Scenario analysis and robust forecasts often ground in economic, social, political and technological trends or events. Connecting macro environment to futures of businesses and recognizing the businesses of future, need deep perceptions and intuitions.

  • Competition

Surviving and profitability are resulted in forces beyond a current competition. Customers and suppliers bargaining power, alternative products or services as well as new entrances, mainly determine the profit of every industry.

  • Technology

Technology can be both a force multiplier and a dangerous disrupt. In choice of a business partner or production technology the key question is: Regarding macro evolution, investing in which technologies ensure our readiness to cope with futures opportunities and challenges?

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