Our Team

Dr. Saeid Moidfar

Social and Cultural Advisory

Road and Urban Development Minister Consultant

Professor of The University of Tehran



MohammadReza GeramiMR.Gerami

Organization Excellence

  • BSC Analyst
  • Political Economy Analyst
  • Corporate Evaluation


Saeed Moosavi MadaniS.Moosavi

Founder / Future Analyst

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics
(Institute for Advanced  Education and Research on Management & Planning)

10 years Experience in Strategic Planning and Market Forecast in Barez Industrial Group, Mellat Insurance, Bahman Group

Certificate of World Futures Studies Federation, Certificate Number: 00153, 7th September 2015.


Dr. Saeed AttarS.Attar (2)
Development and International Relation

Professor of Yazd University

  • Concept of development and development patterns in developing country (specially MENA)
  • Social capital
  • Role of state in development process
  • Relation between state and society


Shahram Maleki

Macro Analyst, World Fundamentals Markets Analysis

Shahid Beheshti University

Investment Opportunities Analysis, Market and Economic Analyst




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