Standard contents

Standard reports include trends and environmental events which are the main concerns about future.These reports also provide a concept of competitive environments. According to GLONACAL approach, imaging the future firstly start in Global scale then National and Local analysis.

For example price competition between national products and foreign products depends significantly on exchange rates. Forecasting this key variable in Iran economy needs firstly the analysis of Energy market in the global scale, then the acknowledgement about the capacity of exporting Oil and Gas regarding to tenses in Middle East and finally set of government policies to control inflation and exchange rate in local markets.


       A typical standard report provides:

  1. Macro economic and social trends and events
  2. Competitors’ productions in the target markets
  3. Analysis of exporting and importing
  4. Latest and related rules and regulations
  5. Newcomers and Market Maps & Gaps
  6. Market outlook of the company products
  7. Announced plans of  local competitors
  8.  Strategies and solutions  of Pioneers

 Download Catalogue of Standard Contents: Beyond Business-En

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